Company Profile

Message from the Ownership Group

Our main directive is to progressively seek opportunities in commercial real estate for the benefit of all stakeholders. Such opportunities include seeking out niches in our investments, tapping into and realizing synergies and economies of scale, and targeting areas of accretion. Coupling this strategy we mandate conservative growth, both organically and through external opportunities, stability within our management systems, and adopting a diversification approach with products, suppliers and customers. Our in-house, asset backing business model allows for flexibility and risk management, robust to withstand cyclical challenges within Calgary’s economy. The fundamentals established in our past positions us for success in the future.

Company Profile

The Next Generation Commercial Properties Group (“Next Generation”) is a Calgary based, privately held group of companies that invests in retail investment holdings in the Calgary and surrounding area. Since 2002, Next Generation has established itself as a group that strategically invests in retail locations with an approach towards conservative growth through reinvestment and acquisitions.

Arlington Realty Property Management or New Arlington Realty Inc. and affiliates (“Arlington Realty”) is also a Calgary based, real estate asset management company exclusively servicing Next Generation. Arlington Realty internally provides value added property management services including administrative, procurement and leasing support as well as providing in areas including financing, legal, accounting and overall strategy.

Mission Statement

Arlington Realty strives to provide professional, value-added, dedicated service to its tenants and stakeholders. The best interests of our clients as a whole take precedent as their long-term success and livelihood is critical to the Company’s success. The Company’s team-based philosophy ensures needs are addressed to all stakeholders of the Company.